Zombie Escape 3D – A horror game to hook onto

Zombie Escape 3D:School Escape Teaser

Just upgraded my Android phone from Froyo 2.2.1 to Gingerbread 2.3.2 and I only found out that the visual style is the only thing that Gingerbread excelled. But aside that, while hunting some games in the Android Market I had my eye in this game. Knowing that this game is somewhat confusing because of lacking a full map, I gave it a try. Dizziness and nausea is the only opponent if you tried this if you know to yourself that you have motion sickness. But for those who are “immune”, the maze is so very confusing that even if you attained a full map, you will get lost. In my case, I went into loops just to find the exit.

Let’s get to the main point: what is so very interesting about this game? Well, after trying this game, I didn’t uninstalled it after I found out that the game will not be over even if you finished the game, (unlike other adventure games e.g. Bookworm Adventures 2) plus the semi-real environment of the game that adds the horrific atmosphere of it. Plus, the thrill that this game will give to you. While being chased by the zombies, you will not avoid to exclaim in shock or to have your spine tingle in tension.

The downside of the game is this: cheap character graphics and limited gameplay. Throughout the game, you will only use a wooden bat which is — sad to say — only be used one at a time and also, the graphic model of the zombies puts a little – but big deal – thrill. Notice that the zombies move at a limited frame rate (can be compared to a classic GIF image) and the touch controls make the game hard to play. But still, this is one of the best games that I every played in Android OS. And the good thig about this game, it’s freeware ^___^

You can download the game here: http://www.apkbrain.com/Games/Zombie-Escape-3D–The-School-108219.html
or go to Android Market and then search for Zombie Escape 3d: School Labyrinth

I just wind up a machine to a grandpa’s OS

I installed VMware 6 on my classic Compaq desktop. Fortunately, it met my utmost expectations despite the fact that it ages a decade. It is powered up by a modded Windows XP that runs in 512 MB memory and 164GB HDD. When I got the guts to run a virtual machine for multitasking, I tried to install Windows Me because of its low disk requirement and also to bring back memories. I am now currently working on some tricks for internet and broadband and programs running in older machines. I’ll post further updates for this whether if I got a brain drain in this attempt. Good luck to me!

Starting up

…Hello guys! For about a week I’ll be onto developing this blog, so rest assured. By March, I’m hoping to officially establish my blog about Photoshop Tricks and PC and Internet Tricks, as well.